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Fitting Instructions – Applying Vinyl Lettering to a Surface

  • Make sure the surface you are signing is clean from all debris. Use paper towels.
  • Turn Sign over so it is facing away from you and slowly peel off the backing from
    the sign, leaving the vinyl attached to the masking tape.
  • Place the sign in its position on the surface. Make sure it is spaced evenly and level.
  • Use a squeegee and in a ‘union jack*’ style rub from the centre out on top of the masking.
  • Keep using this style until the sign looks like it is settled on the surface.
  • Gently peel some of the masking away to see if the vinyl has taken to the surface.
  • To effectively remove masking tape off the sign, remember the rule of minimum resistance.
  • Never pull perpendicular to the surface but at a angle of 10% to 15%.
  • If the sign lifts when removing the masking, re-squeege the sign again.
  • Now your sign can be left to fully settle and allow the adhesive to bind to the surface.
  • If placing onto new paint or walls, gentle heat from a hairdryer can help the adhesive
    bind to uneven surface. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH HEAT OR HOLD THE
  • Lastly, use a sewing pin to puncture large bubbles. The rest will disappear with changing
    room temperatures.

* union jack’ style – from the middle to the top, then to the bottom. Now from the middle to the

left and then the right. Now from the middle diagonally to all four corners.